About our Jewelry

Handmade in Hawaii

All our Saint Damien and Saint Marianne Creations are based on the artwork of Dietrich Varez, one of Hawaii's most recognizable Block Print Artists.  His original Father Damien and Mother Marianne Block Prints can be found throughout homes and church facilitites throughout the islands.  Each piece of Jewelry is crafted by hand, one at at time, and no two are alike.

Materials Used

We make our jewlery in Fine Jeweler's Bronze, Copper, 24K Pure gold over Bronze or Copper, 925 Sterling Silver, and 24K Gold Vermeil ( 24K Gold over Sterling Silver).  Argentum Silver is available upon request.   The different type of materials allows us to offer our designs in a variety of prices to provide more affordable versions of each design.  

All our rosaries are made with genuin gemstone beads, natural pearls, and the same metals ( based on your choice ) as mentioned above. 

Custom requests are always welcome, and we can even create designs with cabochons or faceted gemstones, many of which are cut in-house in our studio in Volcano. 

Lifetime Refinishing / Repair Service

As we want you to enjoy our creations for many years to come, if anything ever happens to it we are offering a lifetime refinishing / repair service.  Repairs are done at a mimimal cost to you.